About Kimiblock


Hi, I’m Kimiblock, who host *.kimiblock.top.

Contact me through Matrix, the open-source decentralized chat protolcol.

Please be aware that I’m quite busy right now, and may not be able to respond to new messages quickly.

Current state

  • Maintaining AUR packages and Kimiblock/butterfly-evolved.

  • Actively improving the moeOS project and moeOS-pinyin input method.

  • Vanilla (sort of, if you count using AppIndicator as vanilla) GNOME User.

  • Wayland user.

  • Minecraft player.

Contact me

Please send an E-Mail to me first or via public groups before establishing any other communications, otherwise you account may be blocked.


  • Minecraft: Java Edition Kimiblock_Moe

About this Blog

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This Blog uses a modified version of the melody hexo theme.
See Kimiblock/butterfly-evolved.


This website have a β version deployed which is located at beta.kimiblock.top. You can inspect the latest version of Kimiblock/butterfly-evolved there.

Please notice that β versions are considered unstable and can cause breakages.

Browsers support

Due to the fact that Firefox’s performance is generally worse than Chromium, this website may present bad performance. Please use Chromium or Safari if performance is a concern.